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September 25, 26, 27, 2020

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Our Mission

To connect the public to the magic of early filmmaking,
and to support novice filmmakers of the future.

Our Vision

To be the destination for celebrating vintage films,
and to become a premiere resource for information and artifacts related to vintage film.

The Marie Dressler Foundation was established in 1989 to restore and preserve the house where Marie Dressler is believed to have been born. The Foundation, led by Bob Amsbury and Bill Patchett, raised about $400,000 to buy and repair the building, which now houses the Marie Dressler Museum.

Having restored the building, the Foundation convened a committee to organize a festival of Marie Dressler films to show the community why Dressler occupies a unique place in film history. The festival has continued in the following years and now shows films featuring Dressler's contemporaries. More on Marie Dressler. The Vintage Film Festival continues to be organized by a sub-committee of the Marie Dressler Foundation as a fund-raising event.   Apart from keeping the memory of Marie Dressler alive, the Foundation provides scholarships to Students in Northumberland who are planning further education in the arts. Go to the separate site for Marie Dressler and the Foundation for more details.

Festival costs are not covered by ticket revenue - continued funding depends on the generous support of our Sponsors.

VFF Festival 2006Capitol Theatre - VFF Festival 2006The Festival is held every year on a weekend in September or October and we show a variety of films generally made before about 1967. Usually, one film features Ms. Dressler, but others range from very old, silent films starring Mary Pickford, Erich von Stroheim or Douglas Fairbanks, to talkies and musicals. For a list of all films shown to date, click here.

For the last few years and into the future, the entire Festival will be at Port Hope's Historic Capitol Theatre starting on Friday with a bonus film followed by a Reception. (Venue location map here).

For more on previous festivals, see our news page. See the program page for information on the movies to be shown this year. Tickets for the coming season go on sale each year in early summer.


Marie Dressler Foundation
212 King Street West
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Mailing Address
Vintage Film Festival
c/o Marie Dressler Foundation
P.O. Box 673 Cobourg,
Cobourg, ON  K9A 4R5

Email Address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See our tickets page.

Mailing List

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2019 Committee

Name Portfolio
Atto, George Marketing Distribution
Bailey, Sital Promotion & Publicity Printing, Silent Auction Admin.
Benson, Leslie Treasurer
Cruickshank, Tom Programme Book Editor, Flyer/Programming Sub-Comm 
Draper, Alma Marketing Distribution, Fundraising for Silent Auction
Draper, John Webmaster, Recording Secretary
Foord, Terry VFF Committee Chair, Programming Chair
Granger, Stewart Fundrasing Sub-Comm
Hanlon, Michael Promotion & Publicity, BB Speaker
Hardy, Lynn Reception/Venue, Brown Bag Lunch
Hill, Richard Programming, Promotion & Publicity
Houston, Cathie Promotion & Publicity Chair, Volunteer Coordinator/Fund
Miller, Rick Ticket Master, Treasurer Support
Williamson, Larry Promotion & Publicity 

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