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Only days left until the
2022 Festival.

October 21, 22, 23, 2022

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2010 Festival

For the 2010 festival, we asked people to comment and make suggestions.

Here is a selection of the comments:

  • Just keep on doing what you always have.
  • Pianist was excellent - also food.  I would not miss this event.
  • Great Festival, we come every year.  Not sure how I feel about Rocky Horror – I know it is to attract younger people but I do think this fest should stay within 1920-1950’s.
  • Interesting and enjoyable films – don’t like Nosferatu and Rocky Horror.
  • I really have enjoyed and this is the first day.  Keep up the good work.  It is wonderful what I have missed this past 18 years; I certainly will be back next year.
  • I love the Festival but can’t take 3 movies in one night as per opening.
  • Faithful and enthusiastic attendees for 5-6 years.   Generally quite pleased with your choices.  Difficult to please everyone.
  • Nice mix of films
  • First timer.  Only able to see one film this year but will certainly plan ahead for next year.  The Cap. Theatre is a beautiful venue especially for this sort of festival. 
  • Great selections – love atmosphere (audience).  Thank you all
  • Always a good balance of selection.
  • The P.H. Vintage Film Festival is great.  I love all the classics they show.  Especially the ones I haven’t been able to find.  Keep them coming.  Great job.
  • Love the movies
  • Enjoyed the films
  • They are good and old
  • First two movies lots of fun!
  • Keep Saturday format.  Films 1, 2, 3 on Sat. have been excellent.  Nice to see the updated plot treatment.
  • Great!
  • Good selection of films, especially like silent films and Canadian films. 
  • Am enjoying the festival – third time we’ve attended. 
  • This was my first time attending a film festival of any sort and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Unfortunately due to other commitments I could only attend on Fri. night.  I am truly hoping that next year I can attend the festival for the entire weekend.  What a fabulous venue Victoria Hall is for presenting these films.
  • Love the variety of films, especially the silent films and pianist.
  • Keep up the Silents
  • Your Festival is awesome I enjoy it every year. 
  • Opening night was fabulous – great food, very good films – Andrei was wonderful at the piano.  Having it Hallowe’en weekend is difficult – there is too much other things happening around then and takes the focus off the festival in the public eye perhaps.  The slightly later start times on Sat/Sun works well and the break times are good.  See you next year!
  • I love this Festival
  • Love the program cover.  Keep up the great work, you are appreciated.
  • I enjoy Port Hope/Cobourg.  Your prints are now great.  Great double bill.
  • Loved the movies – great job! 
  • Keep up the good work.  I especially liked the silent movies with piano.  It’s great to see old movies in a theatre instead of on TV.   Thanks.
  • A great festival.  Lots of fun.
  • I love getting the chance to see classic movies on the big screen.
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show is a good choice for attracting a younger audience.
  • Interesting, well organized.  My first visit but I will return.
  • Excellent venues; always enjoy the program and set up.
  • I enjoy this weekend of vintage films on the big screen.  Keep up the great work!
  • What a great way to spend a weekend! Thanks for bringing Rocky Horror – I’m a fan.  Love the old scary movies.  We have only been to the festival for the past two years so not sure what’s played before. 
  • We have been attending for several years and always enjoy your selections but wasn’t interested in the horror film on Sat. night. 
  • Especially enjoyed Magambo and the light comedies on Fri. night.
  • Festival is always enjoyable – very good mix of genres.
  • Have been coming for years and always enjoy whatever you book. 
  • Always enjoy.
  • I thought this year’s selections were fabulous.  Romantic comedies, adventure….Jean Arthur, Clark Gable….so  great.  The smart, snappy dialogue, slick costumes…my favourites. 
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the films you choose each year.  Keep up the great work.
  • Wonderful selection.  We look forward to returning next year.
  • Well done, and fun.
  • Wonderful Festival.  One of the best yet.
  • Inspired choice of Easy Living.    Thanks for all the great work.
  • It truly is a highlight of our year to visit the Film Festival.  Great blend of Art and Entertainment.
  • Wonderful event – one of the highlights of the year for us.
  • It is my first time.  Loved the movies.  Great that there is live music with the silents.  The programme is informative.

About the 2008 program

Thank you for another magnificent festival. It really is a very special weekend.

For me the highlight was the Deanna Durbin film - hope we see her again next year. The Friday night trio was also terrific.

About the 2007 program

We sent out an e-mail to people who had signed up for our e-mail updates - we got some responses!

"I'm so pleased that you're showing Odd Man Out. I think it's one of the most underrated movies around, and I'm sorry that it doesn't show up at more festivals."
Pat Bryan

Thank you for the exciting advance information!! I can't wait for this event. It's my favourite event EVER!!!!
Looking forward to the entire weekend. ..."
Colleen Baker

To sign up for future email updates, go here.

About the 2006 program

A survey was distributed with the 2006 Festival program and a number of people provided comments with their answers. A selection of these is given below:

"Looking forward to 2007! Great accompaniment by Dr. Carli. Thank you to the very courteous staff."

"Committee does a fabulous job of planning and carrying out the program. Things run smoothly and on time; there is a varied program & movies are usually not shown on TV. Congratulations on a job well done!!"

"I was stunned by the beauty of the Capitol Theatre and very grateful that there is still a living example of an atmospheric theatre, in a time when the others are all gone. The staff selling movie and refreshment tickets were polite and the movie 'Broadway Melody' was magical & fun!!"

"I really appreciate the Special guests you choose as the speaker on Friday night. The buffet was wonderful!"

"Keep up the great work - the festival is a superb addition to the Arts scene & is an eagerly anticipated Autumn ritual for my wife & I."