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October 18, 19, 20, 2024

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Title: Al Christie: Hollywood's Forgotten Film Pioneer

Al ChristieLondon, Ontario native Al Christie made more than a thousand short comedy films and features in a 30-year directing and producing career in Hollywood. In his heyday, his work was considered on a par with such comedy giants as Mack Sennett (another Canadian) and Hal Roach; but until now he’s been mostly a footnote in cinema history. Christie made the first silent comedy films in 1911 in the then-little known town of Hollywood and continued his movie making well into the 1930s as talking films took over.

Mark KearneyJournalist, author and award-winning lecturer Mark Kearney will tell us all about the movie career of London's own Al Christie, and share part of one of his films with us too!

SpeakerMark Kearney, author of Al Christie: Hollywood's Forgotten Film Pioneer, is an award-winning journalist who has co-authored 10 other books and contributed to a further three. He started his career as a reporter for The London Free Press and has freelanced for some 80 different publications in North America. He’s currently a lecturer at Western University in London, Ontario, teaching a range of writing and journalism courses. He has won several awards for his teaching. Mark lives in London, Ontario with his wife Catherine Blake.


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Sunday, Oct 20, 2024 Al Christie: Hollywood's Forgotten Film Pioneer Mark Kearney  
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