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Only days left until the
2020 Festival.

September 25, 26, 27, 2020

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Film Trivia 2018

Have you taken the Trivia Quiz based on the 2018 program?  Try it here.

Program for the Twenty-Seventh Annual Vintage Film Festival

Tickets are now available - see the Ticket page. The best value by far is the Festival pass which gives you: 

  • The 11 regular program movies
  • A bonus movie Friday afternoon.
  • The Opening Night Reception with light refreshments
  • The very popular "Brown bag Lunch" - the topic this year is "Film Festivals - Palaces of Discovery" and the speaker is Chris Knight.

Note that registration at the door is required. You can also buy tickets for the Opening Night only (includes 3 films and Reception). Singles will be available at the door (and online) at $10.00 for all movies.

Below is a list of the films to be shown.  Click the Title of any film to go to a page with additional information.  For each film, you will go to a page of information including photos, a review and if available, a trailer.

Theme - DUOS

Friday 27 September 2019

  Films Stars and Director Run Time Sponsor
03:00 pm Registration      
04:00 pm The Big Sleep (1946) Bogart, Bacall - Dir: Hawks 114m Harriet and Greg Binkley
05:55 pm Reception      
06:55 pm Welcome/Announcements      
07:00 pm The Thin Man (1934) Powell, Loy - Dir: Van Dyke 93m David and June Chambers
Leslie Benson
08:35 pm Break      
08:55 pm Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (1931) March, March - Dir: Mamoulian 98m Lynn Hardy,
RBC Wealth Management

Program finishes at approximately 10:35 pm

Saturday 28 September 2019

  Films Stars and Director Run Time Sponsor
09:00 am Registration      
09:30 am Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) Abbott, Costello - Dir: Barton 83m Lynch Rutherford Tozer
10:55 am Break      
11:15 am Sherlock Holmes * (1922) Barrymore, Young - Dir: Parker 85m Patrick Houlihan, RBC Wealth Management
12:40 pm Lunch      
02:10 pm Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (1969) Newman, Redford - Dir: Hill 110m Ross Pigeau & Carol McCann
04:00 pm Break      
04:20 pm Top Hat (1935) Astaire, Rogers - Dir: Sandrich 100m Barbara Garrick
06:00 pm Dinner      
08:00 pm Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) Taylor, Burton - Dir: Nichols 129m  New Horizons for Seniors Program

Program finishes at approximately 10:10 pm

Sunday 29 September 2019

  Films Stars and Director Run Time Sponsor
08:30 am Registration      
09:00 am La Belle et La Bete  (1946) Marais, Day - Dir: Cocteau 96m Les and Cathie Houston
10:40 am Break      
11:00 am Grandma’s Boy* (1922) Lloyd, Davis - Dir: Newmeyer 60m David and Dianne Halliday
12:00 pm Lunch – Seminar "Brown Bag Lunch"   Michael and Joan Hanlon
01:30 pm Bonnie & Clyde (1967) Beatty, Dunaway - Dir: Penn 111m The Cunnington Family 
Sital Bailey
03:20 pm Break      
03:40 pm Woman of the Year (1942) Tracy, Hepburn - Dir: Stevens 114m David McCaig - Taunton Block

Program finishes at approximately 5:35 pm

* silent

Note that the detail page for each movie includes the cast, photos, review and where available, a trailer. When provided, click each title to see the detail pages.

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Pianist for 2019





Jordan Klapman




Sponsored by:
Rick and Betsy Miller



Jordan Klapman


Go here for more on piano accompaniment to Silent films.


Although we try to avoid changes, the program is subject to change without notice

Films shown in earlier years.