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2021 Films

Only days left until the
2021 Festival.

September 24, 25, 26, 2021

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Film Trivia 2018

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Program for the Twenty-Eighth Annual Vintage Film Festival

The program listed below was originally scheduled for 2020 but will now be 2021

Tickets are now available - see the Ticket page. The best value by far is the Festival pass which gives you: 

  • The 12 program movies - a $120 value
  • The very popular "Brown bag Lunch" - the topic and speaker this year is TBD.

Note that registration at the door is required.  Singles will be available at the door (and online) at $10.00 for all movies.

Below is a list of the films to be shown.  Click the Title of any film to go to a page with additional information.  For each film, you will go to a page of information including photos, a review and if available, a trailer. 

Theme - Based on a True Story

Friday 24 September 2021

  Films Stars and Director Run Time Sponsor
03:00 pm Registration      
04:00 pm Calamity Jane (1953) Day, Keel - Dir. Butler 101m  
05:40 pm Dinner Break      
06:40 pm Welcome/Announcements      
06:45 pm M*A*S*H (1970) Gould, Sutherland - Dir: Altman 116m  
08:40 pm Break      
09:00 pm The Wrong Man (1957) Fonda, Miles - Dir: Hitchcock 105m  

Program finishes at approximately 10:45 pm

Saturday 25 September 2021

  Films Stars and Director Run Time Sponsor
08:30 am Registration      
09:00 am Inherit the Wind (1960) Tracy, March - Dir: Kramer 90m  
10:30 am Break      
10:50 am The Iron Mask * (1929) Fairbanks Sr. - Dir: Dwan 87m  
12:20 pm Lunch Break      
01:50 pm That Hamilton Woman (1941) Olivier, Leigh - Dir: Korda 128m  
04:00 pm Break      
04:20 pm Paths of Glory (1957) Douglas, Meeker - Dir: Kubrick 86m  
05:45 pm Dinner Break      
07:30 pm A Hard Day's Night (1964) The Beatles - Dir: Lester 85m  
08:55 pm Break      
09:15 pm The Body Snatcher (1945) Karloff, Lugosi - Dir: Wise 77m  

Program finishes at approximately 10:30 pm

Sunday 26 September 2021

  Films Stars and Director Run Time Sponsor
08:30 am Registration      
09:00 am Alexander Nevsky (1938) Cherkassov - Dir: Eisenstein 107m  
10:45 am Break      
11:05 am The General * (1927) Keaton - Dir: Keaton/Bruckman 75m  
12:20 pm Lunch – Seminar "Brown Bag Lunch"    
01:45 pm  Lawrence of Arabia - Part 1 (1962) O'Toole, Sharif  - Dir: Lean 108m  
03:35 pm Break      
03:55 pm Lawrence of Arabia - Part 2 (1962) O'Toole, Sharif  - Dir: Lean 108m  

Program finishes at approximately 5:45 pm

* silent

Note that the detail page for each movie includes the cast, photos, review and where available, a trailer. When provided, click each title to see the detail pages.

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Jordan Klapman







Jordan Klapman


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Although we try to avoid changes, the program is subject to change without notice

Films shown in earlier years.